Day: September 2, 2018

The story of Arung Jeram

Rafting or also know as arung jeram actually is a water sport. But some people use this tiket dufan juli 2018 as a tourist attraction. Arung jeram or rafting also have 2 types there are the real arung jeram and an artificial arung jeram. Dufan has an artificial arung jeram dufan. Arung jeram dufan is using an artificial river. Arung jeram dufan is also made more just for fun. A long time ago, some people already doing arung jeram. They are wading the river using logs that being assembled and become a mini boat. They use it as their transportation....

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Nobody ever expected this amusement park become disaster

Dufan is indeed one of the capital’s favorite rides since incident dufan mati incident. Understandably, the crowded and chaotic city of Jakarta throughout the day, making many of its citizens spend the weekend at Dufan together with their beloved family. Other people can choose to be more calm by boat, scenic walking or sophisticated shopping at dufan ancol harga tiket. A park that can accommodate less adventurous parents and grandparents will often manage to lure the whole family through the gates. Since dufan mati this park ge more service like accommodate the whole family offers value for money and...

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