Day: October 5, 2018

Smart Bracelet That Can Display Smartphone Screen

At this time the era of wearable devices has begun, technology has made an innovative product with smart glasses that can combine creativity with technology and can be applied in everyday life, such as Google, for example, by innovatively making smart glasses named Google Glass or Apple has prepared a watch in the form of a bracelet and is named Apple Watch. Other companies are also no less innovative, such as Samsung, LG, Motorola to present their smartwatch products. In addition to glasses and smart watches, some manufacturers have also presented smart bracelet devices called heart rate watch monitors....

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A comfortable chair to complete your house

When you want to buy a new furniture that can fill your new house, you must be looking for the one that you think is not too expensive but still able to make your house prettier. There are many kinds of furniture options that you can choose from the store. A saucer chair might become one of your choices as a furniture that you want to choose for your house. There are many cheap saucer chairs that you can choose from the store. If you think that you find it difficult to choose one, then you can read the...

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