In designing the living room in a minimalist house for the selection of furniture and other decorations, you must choose the shape and color that will not make your guest room look ‘full’. And as much as possible avoid installing too many accessories and wall hangings or installing wall clocks because it will make the room seem crowded. Aside from that, you can go to and find various high-quality decorative items that you can buy.

Even installing large family photos with expensive frames seems to have become a very common decoration for living rooms in every house. Besides displaying paintings, you can also display family photos. Family photos should be arranged in a way that looks more attractive and becomes a unique decoration than other family photos.

For example, you can install the photo by making it like a family tree. In addition to photos, homeowners can also put flower vases containing colorful flowers to give a more cheerful impression in the living room for your minimalist home.

In addition, pay attention to the use of furniture. This is because the living room for a minimalist home will be reflected in the furniture used. We must really choose the right furniture that will be used in the living room. The selection of tables, sofas, and cabinets must also be adjusted to the size of your living room. Determine the material for tables, sofas, and cabinets such as made of wood for example. Choose a sofa carving that is not too long, for example, that is enough for 2 people.

Choose a small table that is enough to serve drinks and snacks for guests visiting your home. And choose a small closet that is enough to display photos, vases or other decorations that can make the living room for your minimalist home look more beautiful. For furniture in decorating the living room in a minimalist house, all-white furniture is very suitable so that the room looks spacious.

Choose furniture in the form of a minimalist white sofa with a pillow that is also white. If you want to bring color, the sofa cushions can use colorful covers. It is recommended to choose a small sofa compared to choosing a sofa with a large size which will certainly make your living room become narrow.