In addition to treatment, you also need to maintain food intake for people with shingles, including recommendations and restrictions. By consuming the right foods, the process of treatment for shingles that you do can get optimal results. So, the chance to recover faster is greater. Why? This is because there are some foods that are not friendly with people with herpes zoster or herpes simplex. When you consume it, you can experience more severe conditions, and the healing process becomes longer. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you suffer from herpes to pay attention to your daily food intake. If you want to get supplements that contain L-Lysine, you can visit our website.


This time we have managed to gather information about the recommendations and dietary restrictions for people with shingles, including:

First is a drink that should be avoided by shingles. Namely, alcohol and carbonated drinks such as soda, energy enhancing drinks, and similar drinks. In addition to high fructose sugar, this drink is not good for overall body health, and can make obesity. Then, people with herpes zoster are also advised to stay away from certain types of food. Some of them include:

– Food Allergens. If you do have allergies to certain foods, be it seafood, eggs, salted fish, meat, milk (including processed foods), or anything that can trigger your allergies, you should not consume them first. Relapse of allergies can worsen your herpes.

– Foods that can inhibit the effectiveness of drugs, such as kale, bean sprouts, and chicory.

– Foods that contain preservatives. Whatever the type, be it snacks, canned foods, processed meats (sausages, ham, bacon, etc.), or packaged fruit juices should be avoided first before being completely cured.

– Junk food. Not only fast food, the outlets are mushrooming, you should also avoid various fried foods, especially those using used cooking oil.

Patients with herpes zoster are advised to consume nutritious foods. Such as Vegetables and fruits, nuts, high-protein foods (fish, chicken/beef), and other healthy foods that can improve your immune system.

You are also advised to take a lot of rest and limit your activities. Excessive body fatigue can prolong the healing process of your shingles. In addition, you are also encouraged to increase consumption of water, maintain cleanliness, and avoid stress.