Today’s baby photo trends, popping up a variety of adorable baby styles. Of course, you also want it, can capture the funny moments of the baby when newborn until big later. In addition to the moments, moms also usually have their own intention to post on social media such as Instagram and Facebook to show the happiness to the world. No need to spend money to millions to have these photos, as long as know the trick of photographing their own baby at home.

But if you do not have enough photo skills, it will be better if you hire services
newborn photography near me. Besides will not make you bother with the property that will be used during the shooting process, with the help of professional photographers then guaranteed the results given will also be very beautiful. Apart from that, here are some tips & tricks like a professional photographer!

– Set the camera shutter speed. The faster the shutter speed will help capture baby images in various activities. The higher the shutter speed, the smaller the photo becomes blurred.

– Use natural light, open the house curtains and let incoming sunlight. The best sunlight for photo light is usually at 7-9 am.

– Turn the room into a mini studio! Prepare a white background and a white base (the color according to taste) as in the studio. Way, by hooking the cloth about 5 meters from the end of the wall, down the floor.

– Play a song or a soothing sound background, so the child is not fussy

– Make sure the child is in a calm position and keep child safety. Sleep the child quietly and make sure it is asleep, for a more manageable pose.

– Be Creative! Make the moment to capture this child’s pose into a time of fun and teaser your creativity.

Well here are some tips you can do for your baby newborn photos look more like a professional photographer and certainly produce a photo that is not less beautiful. Hopefully useful and good luck!