Learn photography techniques for beginners, such as how to zoom or so on, including how to make the back of the object blur so that it looks like it is real. Besides that, we can load various other elements such as fields, colors, textures, and patterns. Finally, we must know various techniques such as how to shoot vertically or horizontally. Furthermore, you can see the following points below. Meanwhile, check out Annie Kinser Photography if you need a professional newborn and family photographer.

Learning Photography for Beginners

1. Get to know the functions of DSLR camera buttons through the manual book that is available when you first buy a camera. It’s good to keep the guidebook well, besides as a learning tool it also influences the resale value of the camera if one day wants to sell it.

2. Learn more by directly practicing the terms shutter speed, aperture, and ISO to get images like professional photographers.

3. Playing with shutter speed, use it to take pictures of vehicles on a moving highway with 1/30 and 1/100 settings and compare the results.

4. Aperture related to Dept of Field, try to understand the aperture with a small number f 1.8, f 2.4 in the camera settings. Then notice every difference from the picture you took.

5. Get to know more about the ISO, can be seen in the previous article here: Understanding the Concept of ISO in Photography.

6. Photography is art, therefore feel the balance of the photos you take when you feel odd means the photos are not good. Starting from the location of the object, color composition and percentage of open space (for landscape photos).

7. Find visual elements such as the field lines, textures, patterns, and colors of the object being photographed. If the element does not exist, the photo will feel empty.

8. Know the true of third, the point is to place an object photographed into three vertical and three horizontal sections. These lines will be used as the most ideal place for placing a focused object.