The environmental road is a very important infrastructure as access to a place. At least there are three kinds of road pavement that are often used as an environmental road such as paving road, asphalt road, and concrete road. Of the three kinds of road, pavement choose which one? To answer the question we have to look at some kind of side that is cost side, implementation side, and quality side, then just choose which one best suited to our requirement. If limited funds may be selected using paving block roads, the next option is asphalt roads that cost less than a concrete road. Apart from the material price, the cost of implementing road works is also influenced by the cost of labor and the need for tools such as plate testing. The Plate Bearing Test is usually performed at the foundation level, either on the surface or in shallow holes. Plates of various sizes 720mm in diameter are available. The loading plate is placed on the ground and connected to the load cell to the reaction load. If you want the implementation of the work easier and faster can also choose to use paving block road. The next option is an asphalt road that requires faster execution time than concrete roadmaking. In the process of execution of the concrete road takes a long time to reach the power of the plan until the vehicle can be passed.

If you have to choose, the most easily implemented is the manufacture of the paving block because it does not require heavy equipment or special equipment and installation can be done by human labor. Unlike the construction of concrete roads that require ready-mix concrete mixer trucks and must make first formwork or concrete mold and install reinforcement. While the asphalt road requires asphalt material that must be heated first and the machine tool roller Gilas for maximum results of his work. If the quality side is united, of course, especially in areas where the soil surface is poor, choose a concrete road that has the ability to withstand heavy loads and has good resistance to puddles and floods. For paving road quality is strongly influenced by the quality of paving material and the density of bottom soil under it. If the ground is basically poor then the road paving easily wavy or Ramblas. While the asphalt road is not resistant to puddles and floods and such as paving roads, the ground surface should also be really good so asphalt road is not easy to wavy or collapse.