Entertainment lovers both film and music may be familiar with the speakers. Usually, a film connoisseur will have the thought of designing his own home theater at home for the sake of comfort in doing his hobbies. Provides large televisions and speakers with the best sound quality. But the problem is, home theater does require a large cost. Fortunately, there are other things that can help film lovers to enjoy their hobbies, namely by utilizing the size for home theater facilities, one of which is the speaker. For movie lovers, there is a special convenience in doing this hobby, especially if space provided tends to be minimalist and there is not much space. Using portable speakers will certainly be much better, but don’t just choose but by referring to the bose soundlink mini that produces portable speakers with wireless technology and luxurious sound quality, not inferior to other home theater speakers.

With this type of speaker, movie lovers do not need to worry anymore because they will get the number one quality when they have these speakers as the fulfillment of home theater technology at home. But before doing the installation, it’s good to make a configuration for the convenience of watching movies that you like. When you configure the speaker, there are things to consider, namely the type of audio that you will hear. If you are interested in listening to music collections, then you should buy a stereo type speaker that can emit sound from the right and left. But if you are a movie lover, a good portable speaker is mono, which can only sound from one source.

Do not forget to pay attention to the width of your room, because the area of ‚Äč‚Äčthis room also determines the quality of the sound produced, because the smaller the room, the louder the sound produced from the portable speakers you have. If the room is not spacious, what happens is the opposite. A hard surface such as glass or floor becomes an arena to reflect back sound and cause distortion in the sound produced by the speaker.