Generally, the diagnosis of back pain is done by checking your reflexes and your ability to sit, stand, walk, and lift your legs. The results of the examination will determine the type of treatment and painkillers to be administered. If you have problem with spine, you can visit

After checking your ability to exercise, your doctor will ask you questions about:

Description of perceived pain
Area of pain
When the pain starts to feel
Your lifestyle
Type of work
History of the disease ever experienced
Conditions that make the pain feel a lull or worse
Have you previously had problems or back injuries
Is the pain felt disturbing every day or not

To facilitate the examination, you can record the things above. Especially if the appearance of your pain is uncertain. A follow-up examination will be performed if there are indications of a more serious condition.

Generally, back pain will improve after being treated for several weeks. However, the type of treatment will be differentiated according to the severity, duration of occurrence, and the needs of each person. Treatment of back pain is divided into two parts related to the duration of this condition occurs. Generally, home care and free pain reliever consumption at the pharmacy can treat back pain that occurs less than 1.5 months.

Back pain patients usually think to rest until the pain subsides, but in fact, it is known that by staying active, back pain sufferers have a faster healing time. Light exercise such as walking or doing daily activities will actually help your pain recovery. You do need to adapt to the pain and discomfort that still feels. If it feels heavy, start with a light activity and make improvements from day to day. However, it is advisable to avoid severe activity that can cause severe pain. Do it gradually as you gradually recover.