You may have also heard the term page authority. Then what is the difference between the domain authority and the page authority? Are they the same? So, both of them are both barometers for a website or a quality website for search engines. Just imagine the Domain Authority is an assessment of house property as a whole, while the Page Authority (PA) is an assessment of one room space only. To optimize SEO performance, indeed DA and PA should go hand in hand, both of which you need to improve as a website manager. Visit SEO Cherry to get the best SEO service.

There are various site addresses that you can directly use to check DA points from your site. The result will be a data collection that you can analyze to assess how strong your domain authority is.

Domain Authority points are usually set at a count of 0-100. The higher the DA value, the more qualified the website will be declared by a search engine such as Google. There are several large sites that certainly affect the DA value of your page, for example, the CMS WordPress platform. If you use WordPress, Domain Authority has high points (average 90) because it uses subdomains that are already popular.

One tool that can be used to automatically test your page rank is an SEO add-on from MOZ that can be installed in your Chrome and Mozilla browsers for free. The installation can be done very easily, just download it as an extension. After the add-on is installed on your browser, then you can immediately find out the PA and DA of a site when you visit it.

There are many ways you can improve your Domain Authority, one of which is to create quality content. To create quality content, of course, you need thorough and thorough research on the field you want to discuss or wrestle through your website or blog. In addition, try to be more creative. You need to hone yourself to think out of the ordinary if needed so that your content is unique and of course visitors will be more interesting to read. You can also add detailed information not found by other sites about a topic that you want to discuss to make your content superior to posts from other websites.