A clean and tidy house is very important for Mama’s and family’s health. Have you routinely done it right? Well, sometimes a lot of housework and busy taking care of children often make Mama clean the house in a short time. Maybe even unconsciously, Mama made a few mistakes cleaning the house. You will tell some mistakes in cleaning the house that many people often do. That way you can avoid it so that house cleaning activities are more effective at killing germs and bacteria. If there is food spilled onto the floor, even though it’s a little cleaned up immediately. Because if delayed, it will be more difficult to clean and make Mama’s work harder. This is one of the mistakes in cleaning the house. Likewise, with dirty clothes not to accumulate a lot, dirty dishes should be washed immediately after finishing eating, and dust in the house must be cleaned every week. The beauty of the floor is everything, so as a person who has a high cleanliness value, there is a good idea to pay attention to the floor of your house by using our professional services for carpet cleaner snorth shore.

Everyone wants the act of cleaning the house to be finished quickly. But if you start from the wrong place or room, it will make it even longer. Errors in cleaning this house will make you repeat the job. First, trim the messy items, put them back in place and dispose of the garbage. Always start from something higher to lower. If you start by sweeping the floor, then turning to the fan dust on the ceiling, wiping spider webs and furniture, you have to clean the floor again because of the falling dust. Using cleaning products that don’t suit the purpose of eradicating dirt will make you go to great lengths. Have you ever removed clothes stains only with ordinary detergents? That will be in vain. Know products according to their type and uses. Even the wrong use of cleaning products can permanently damage objects. That’s why you can’t use ceramic or porcelain cleaning fluids on wooden furniture. If you are confused about chemical cleaning products, switch to natural cleansers to remove stains like baking soda, white vinegar, soda, lemon, and the like.

The tool you use when cleaning your house can spread bacteria if it’s not cleaned properly. Like a kitchen, sponge is a breeding ground for coliform bacteria (Salmonella or E. coli). Washing machines that are not regularly cleaned can contaminate clothing with bacteria and cause odor. After cleaning the house, take time to wash the cleaning cloth, mop head, scrub brush, vacuum cleaner filter, and other cleaning tools. Mama can also use disposable cleaners such as disinfectant tissue, electrostatic cloth to suck dust.

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