Brunch is a meal that is already popular even in the whole world, but do you know how this term began? What is the first brunch menu served? Now, you can enjoy the best brunch dc, by visiting our website.

It was not recorded with certainty, the first brunch menu was served but many said the brunch menu that served had was a variety of foods. Many say the brunch menu at the beginning of its appearance is the same as the breakfast menu plus meat, eggs, fruits and sweet dessert. This menu is usually eaten by people who are late for eating breakfast.


Does brunch always contain alcohol? In 1920, brunch was only eaten by upper-class people. Because only classy people can roam as they please when people are busy working in the morning before noon. In the 1930s found cookbooks containing recipes for alcohol-containing brunch menus for male guests but in the form of mocktails. But in the 1950s the habit of drinking mocktail when brunch began to decrease due to being affected by the second world war. This then slowly makes the alcohol disappear from the brunch menu. As a substitute for alcohol, brunch drinks are more served in the form of fruit juices which are actually more healthy.

The beginning of the existence of brunch to be popular in various countries was in the 1980s where brunch was served in many places and was eaten by all people and professional backgrounds. The most popular menu is egg Benedict which is a brunch dish in New York City, although sometimes local dishes are also a mainstay. While in Atlanta, brunch serves a lot of fried chicken menus with buttermilk biscuits. Besides that in Las Vegas has a more luxurious brunch menu because it is served a variety of luxurious menus such as lobster, jumbo leg crabs and various types of oysters.