You certainly know that in the laboratory there are many research tools that are always used to work. In fact, in a microbiology laboratory, there are many types of bacteria that are usually used as samples for a study. For that, make sure you use a variety of safety equipment before working in the microbiology laboratory. Usually, what is done there is one of them is deteccion de patogenos.

In addition, there is some research equipment that is always available in the microbiology laboratory. Some of the equipment referred to here are

1. Bunsen burner
One tool that serves to create a sterile condition is a bunsen burner. A burning fire can create air flow because oxygen is consumed from below and it is expected that contaminants will burn in the air flow pattern. To sterilize a needle or another, the part of the fire that is most suitable for spreading it is the part of the fire that is blue (most hot). Changes in Bunsen can use gas or methanol.

2. Hot plate stirrer and Stirrer bar
Hot plate stirrer and Stirrer bar (magnetic stirrer) function to homogenize a solution with stirring. The plate contained in this tool can be heated so that it can accelerate the homogenization process. Stirring with the help of a magnet Hot plate and SBS-100 series magnetic stirrer from SBS, for example, can homogenize up to 10 L, at very slow speeds up to 1600 rpm and can be heated to 425 degrees Celsius.

3. Oven
Oven Serves for dry sterilization. sterilized equipment uses the oven between glassware such as test tubes and another tool. serialization of kerning by the oven is done by heating with a temperature of 180 degrees Celsius for 1 hour.

4. Incubator
The incubator is a device for incubating or harming microbes at controlled temperatures. This tool is equipped with a temperature regulator and timer.