When individuals benefit from the presence of a cloud-based computing system, you can also consider AWS for various reasons. With the services provided by Amazon, you can boost the odds for a better business to run. Does this sound to be true?

Who doesn’t know Amazon? However, Amazon is no longer an online bookstore. Since March 2006 he has expanded to offer cloud services, Amazon Web Services (AWS), which now has 50 services, including EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud), Lambda, S3 (Simple Storage Service), Glacier, CloudFront, Kinesis, Elastic Beanstalk , CloudWatch, SES (Simple Email Service, Marketplace, Route 53, Workspace, and many Mobile Analytics Customers.

The customers are various, from startup companies, SMEs, government institutions, non-profit organizations, educational institutions, to enterprise companies. Spotify, Dropbox, Mailbox, banjo, and kickstarter are examples of startup companies.

-Cloud does not only make the costs cheaper, but it can also disrupt the existing market, – said Lepisto. He piloted airbnb’s presence in the hotel industry, spotify in the music industry and Dropbox in the storage industry. These new players don’t have ‘hardware’ but can offer services.

– With cloud, companies don’t need to build warehouse data or own analytics. So it does not need the expertise to run a database. Selling companies can focus on their products. The database is provided as a service. Customers only need to click and have a database directly. If it’s not necessary, then just throw it away.

– Scalability capacity is unlimited

In addition to not needing to pay upfront and long-term contracts, spending on variable costs can also be lowered. – Tamborghini can reduce web infrastructure costs by 50%. “Kempinski reduced IT costs by 40% in 5 years,” said Lepisto.
Consumers do not have to guess the capacity to be doubled. If you need more capacity, you can adjust it directly. If the excess capacity can also be directly reduced. The pay is used only.