Hot temperatures plus sunburn can not only cause headaches, sunburn, and dehydration. However, it can also trigger heat stroke local service. Heat strokes occur when the body loses water from its body, including salts in the body such as potassium and sodium which are important for kidney, brain and heart function. Salt deficiency triggers fatigue and respiratory problems as well as heart rate. On the other hand, call the reliable aircon servicing near your location when your AC is broken during a very hot summer day.

Urine production and sweat decrease. Under normal circumstances, when the body overheats produces sweat to keep the body cool by evaporating fluid from the body through the surface of the skin.

In conditions of very hot air, the body is dehydrated, the body cannot sweat anymore, as a result, the temperature grows dramatically. When the body is unable to sweat anymore, it can cause heat stroke or fatigue. When that happens, the head becomes dizzy, the muscles cramp and can be life-threatening.

Heat stroke is dangerous because the symptoms appear very quickly unless the initial symptoms that are difficult to know are dealt with quickly.

Another danger of heat is burning skin. Some people deliberately sunbathe to get a brownish skin color, even though that color shows skin damage. It can also accelerate aging and increase the potential for skin cancer.

The following are the conditions for body temperature and symptoms:

1. The temperature of 20 degrees Celsius, normal heart rate, body in comfortable conditions.

2. The temperature of 25 degrees Celsius, the body sweats.

3. The Temperature of 38-21 degrees, body fatigue, sweating profusely, rapid heart rate, nausea.

4. The temperature of 45 degrees, heat stroke, body stop sweating, heat, dry skin, rising body temperature, fainting, damage to organs and death.

That’s it for the information regarding the effects of heat on our body that we may share with you in this article. We hope it helps you to understand more and so you should beware of the heat in the room where you work or sleep.