Having the useful and reliable gadgets for many tasks besides communicating is a good thing. The smartphones today are capable of helping us do various tasks faster and easier. A smartphone can take a photo, video, and even calculating the simple math problem as well. The games and other apps are also providing more luxury for our lives. Unlike the handphones back in the 80s and 90s, the smartphones today are far more superior and more reliable for many people. Unfortunately, like any other things in the world, this piece of technology comes with a dark side as well.

If you’re not capable of controlling yourself and your children in using the smartphone, the result can be very devastating. There are so many kids these days that have a serious problem with their communication skills and social lives. So many children are preferring to spend their many hours every day for a whole year sitting in front of a computer or playing with their gadgets. It’s true that they may still have some social interactions, but most of them can rarely have any real friend. This is such a big danger to our future society when people are no longer stand together, there will be so many things that will be at risk.

Businesses, charities, and even communities won’t work well if the future generation is too busy playing their gadgets instead of socializing with each other. It’s not that smartphone and gadgets are all bad, but we just need to help ourselves and our children to gain the better self-control when it comes down to those things. Forbidding them from touching the smartphone can be a bad move, as they will do anything they can try to get their hands on their beloved gadget. The real solution is that the parents all over the world are wisely limiting their kids in using the smartphone. Using this piece of tech too much can expose our kids to many danger such as cyber crime and pornography. It will be a nice idea to give our kids some rewards if they obey our orders not to play the smartphone too much, and give them the light punishments that will affect them positively,s o they won’t play it too much in the future.