You must very often hear the term template, is not it? Moreover, who worked office and often make a presentation, the term template is no stranger anymore. Templates are often used in the field of computers. For example templates for powerpoint, website or blog templates and more. You can get free powerpoint templates by visiting our website.

Templates can be interpreted as a pattern or order with a particular shape. For example, will create a presentation using Template A, then the results of your presentation will resemble the pattern that has been prepared in the A template. Whether it’s the title and background, the location of writing and its position, and other additions. Presentation templates will greatly facilitate you because it does not have to “design” from the beginning everything. It’s all set up and live. If you want to make changes according to your own taste, you can too. Just edit some parts and finish.

So is the blog or website. If you use Template B, then the web or blog view will follow the pattern or order given in Template B. Upload and use. No need to bother making how the order and order on the website, download and apply to the blog.

Template types are numerous and depend on what will be created. If the powerpoint template then you will find a lot of variations of presentation settings in accordance with the template maker’s taste. Likewise with blogs, the template also many types and can be downloaded easily and usually distributed for free.

Here’s how to design a template in Microsoft Powerpoint:

– Open the Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 application. Select the design menu, click the Styles background menu and click on the background format.

– In the background format window select Picture or texture fill, then in insert form click the file menu to enter the picture we want.

– Click apply to all and click close.

– Then, Save the image with the * .potx format.