You must create good traffic flow of visitors. After a large number of visitors are formed in front of your booth, you need to react and break the focus collection to your product and can provide information in a fast and efficient way. Meanwhile, you might need to use the recommended Inflatable marquee as well.

Arrange the order of displays in the booth so they can move freely and you can promote the product. traffic that is blocked and gathered in front of the booth will block other visitors who will enter and will make them go elsewhere.

We recommend access to your booth is wide open and not inhibited by the position of the rack or display so that visitors freely move around the booth.

First impression

Make your booth get a good first impression. Although from a distance your booth already looks interesting. Although it has positioned the place with the good display and enough space. Product displays are neat and systematic, eg some small or simple products are displayed in front and big or more complex inside the booth for more detailed communication of product information easier.

Do not give the impression to the visitors a cheap look.

Provide a friendly atmosphere

Make the booth atmosphere more friendly and bright because your exhibition’s goal is to interact with visitors and provide detail information and positive things about your product. Maximize the role of SPG or officers who graciously distribute as many flyers or brochures to passing visitors.

In products that require consultation interactions such as property, health products or automotive, the provision of a living room/table set in the booth serves to educate your potential customers. Where you can explain what the benefits of the product you offer. Provide a complete knowledge product on all your SPG in order to explain it to the customer well.

In making a representative Booth it is necessary to think about the virtues of an attractive appearance, making visitors want to visit. And when they are in front of your booth, they should easily pay attention to what is offered and in the meantime immediately SPG or officers approached to interact provide product information or just give flyers or brochure.