Roof repairs – roof repair is not just about slapping on some tar or covering a hole with another layer of tiles. Most repairs are not resolved in this way because it’s only a temporary measure and will do nothing to extend the life to your roof. If you’re going to get your home clay roof tile roof repaired, it’s more cost-effective to pay for quality repairs that will extend the usefulness of your roof over time.

Roof Maintenance – these are precautionary measures against damage to your roofing roof clay roof house for short or long term. Maintenance is a way to expand the life of clay roofing tiles. It is important for every homeowner to perform a roof maintenance procedure is necessary if they want their clay tile to last and withstand harsh weather conditions.

Two issues to remember about clay tile is climate in weight. Clay roof is designed for a relatively warm and dry climate. There is however the value of clay roofing tiles that are made to stand for cold, wet and hard climates. This clay roof is very similar to a good piece of ceramic pottery. Like pottery, clay roof undergoes a firing-firing process, which makes them very hard and durable; roofs made of such materials can easily last a century or more. The difference is that clay roofing tiles can not be formed by hand; they need a specially designed mold. Another problem is the weight. Clay roofing are much heavier than composite shingles or even cedar shakes. Ideally, your home will be designed with the installation of clay tile in mind; the structure will be designed to bear a larger load. If you plan to install clay roof at home that is not designed for them, you should consult a qualified contractor before going ahead.