When you feel tired after work or daily activities, bathing in warm water can make your body feel fresher. Not only that, you also get better sleep after indulging in a warm bath. But have you ever heard that bathing in warm water can damage the skin? Apparently, this is a myth that circulates in the community. The warm water bath will not have extreme effects to damage the skin. You can still take a shower with warm water but still pay attention to some things when bathing. Aside from that, you can also check out the Inflatable Hot Tub Info to find a reliable portable hot tub.

Not warm water that can damage the skin, but the habit when the bath that can reduce suppleness and skin health.

Here are the safe ways to take a warm bath:

1. Short bath time

If you are used to taking a shower for 20 minutes, try to change it to 10 minutes. Your skin will look much better because too long soaking or bathing with warm water will cause the skin to contract.

2. Choose soaps that contain moisturizer

The many detergents contained in the soap can erode the natural oils on the surface of your skin. Especially when you rinse it with warm water. This is a bad habit when bathing is to be avoided, as it can cause your skin to dry.
Change your soap with soap rich in moisturizer. If you can choose soap herbal so not only work to clean up the dirt on the skin, but also help improve and keep the skin moist.

3. Add natural oil

When you plan to soak in warm water, make sure you add olive oil to the soaking water. This helps to improve your skin and avoid dry skin. For maximum results use olive oil or baby oil and smear it all over the body for more moist skin and healthier.

4. Avoid a long bath

Soaking in warm water does give you a relaxing effect. Your body feels more fresh and vibrant. But do not soak too long because it will adversely affect your skin.

Although warm water helps to exfoliate dead skin, if soaking too long not to use a mixture of olive oil or honey in the water immersion, will affect the dry skin and wrinkled skin. Soak in warm water you can do in about 15 minutes.