Although wheelchairs are used almost all day by users, this does not mean that wheelchair storage does not need to consider even when you choose wheelchair rental. In order for the wheelchair to last and always be in its best condition for a long time, the wheelchair must be stored properly. Yes, you must do this to prevent early dirty and damage. Tips for storing a wheelchair is not only valid when a wheelchair at home is not used, but when the wheelchair is moved or carried from one place to another, especially those far away. The right way to store a wheelchair is not just to put it in a closed place. In fact, you also have to do some things that can make a wheelchair durable for a long time. The following are the tips you can try out.


1. When not in use for a long time, fold the wheelchair and cover it with a plastic cover and store it in a non-humid place so it does not cause mold or rust. If your type of wheelchair cannot be folded, keep wrapping and storing it in a clean and dry place.

2. If you clean or lubricate the folding wheelchair before storing it, avoid folding the wheelchair directly when it is damp. You need to wait for each part and surface to dry before folding and storing it so it doesn’t mold or emit an unpleasant odor.

3. For the storage of electric wheelchairs, especially if the wheelchair is stored in a closed place, make sure the storage area is not damp or is often passed by mice. Moisture and mice can cause damage to the electrical components.

4. Do not keep a folding wheelchair in a place where dust easily accumulates, for example under the bed and in direct contact with the floor. If you are forced to keep it there, make sure that the wheelchair is covered in plastic tightly so that there is no accumulation of dust between the components.