All accounts that you have on the internet certainly require security that is strong enough to avoid hacking carried out by several parties. For that, make sure that all the accounts you have have a strong level of security. With this, logme once, then you can secure your account and maintain security. Accounts that have a good level of security certainly keep all the data you have.

With the 2 factor authentication, you don’t need to worry if your account has been hacked by several parties. find out more about the 2 factor authentication here. For the owners of social media accounts, now there is no need to worry about account hijacking. Because social networking service providers, at this time have been trying to provide a sense of security to its users. One of them is to use the user’s telephone number as a verification media. This method is commonly referred to as Two Factor Authentication or two authentication factors.

In the past few years there have been many cases of piracy of social media accounts. The reason is quite diverse, there are those whose accounts are used as online-based sales media, some even use them to commit fraud crimes.

This is really very detrimental to the account owner because, without the knowledge of the account owner, it turns out that his social media account has been converted. If it’s like this, then the name of the owner of the account can be polluted, if it turns out that the pirated account is used for acts that violate the law.

The function of this is to protect your account from various hacking activities that can be carried out by several parties. By using two-factor authentication, they will be more difficult to enter your account and all the data you have can be maintained properly. There are already several online-based services that use this security, for example, Google, Amazon, Microsoft, DropBox, WhatsApp, and Paypal also apply Two Factor Authentication. This aims to provide data security from the account owner of these services.