Business activities around the world often choose digital marketing and advertising as a major part of their promotion. This is because many companies succeed in using digital marketing and advertising. Growth in the digital market also has specifications that can attract various trademarks to follow. But we cannot only have a source of quality that is driven at all times because digital marketing has some misunderstanding of representation. To avoid that, you can learn at jesse singh blog.


The misconceptions about digital marketing and advertising include:

– Digital marketing means social media

Social media is a digital platform, not a digital marketing process. Most people usually connect digital marketing and advertising to social media. This indicates that their idea of digital marketing is only through social media applications. Social media applications are just one important part of digital marketing. Actually, the concept of digital marketing has a very broad concept. Digital marketing involves everything that can be expanded in forms such as using computers, smartphones, billboards, radio or television, e-mail, and mobile websites.

– Digital marketing is considered not applicable to small businesses

This is the wrong way to think, small businesses make the entrepreneur reluctant to promote through digital marketing. Digital marketing helps in communicating with customers and does not question whether the business is still small or large. Entrepreneurs can post profiles and business products into social media.

– Digital marketing is considered to take a long time

Marketing in every business will certainly take time in the process. This makes business owners think that digital marketing and advertising will take a long time. In fact, digital marketing has a broad market with diverse platforms and of course, the time in the process can also be planned as much as expected.

Digital marketing actually has a major role in business development, namely through more valid data analysis. Various marketing strategy content can be accommodated by digital marketing. In a business, it certainly requires effectiveness in the development process. Therefore, do not assume that digital marketing is something that is difficult or expensive in the process of using it. A business that may be very traditional or boring, with digital marketing your business will look elegant with the breadth of the marketing area.