Alzheimer’s is one of the dementia diseases commonly suffered by the elderly. The cause also varied, ranging from genetic factors to unhealthy lifestyles. Alzheimer’s disease suffered by those who are elderly. The cause is also influenced by one’s lifestyle. Lack of activity at a young age can affect the memory of a person in his old age.

There is no drug that can cure Alzheimer’s patients. This is certainly a bad news for all patients of Alzheimer’s in the world. However, if your parents have Alzheimer then all you have to do is immediately bring your parents to senior home care for further handling of Alzheimer disease experienced by your parents. By bringing your parents to senior home care your parents are not only nurtured professionally by nurses but your parents are also allowed to participate in socializing with other patients so that it can be their own therapy for them. In addition, Alzheimer’s can also be relieved by way of therapy. One of them is with music therapy that is considered to be the best therapy to improve the cognition of Alzheimer’s patients. To not aggravate the condition of Alzheimer’s patients, they can perform music therapy in support of patient’s health cognition.

Listening to music and singing will activate the left and right brain of dementia patients. The brain will work thoroughly and make people with dementia (ODD) use more brain capacity than usual, so it can spur various functions of the brain. In addition, listening to music for ODD can also create a calmer mood, especially in the face of sundown syndrome, a behavior when ODD experiences disorientation and confusion before sunset. This activity can also stimulate positive interactions, facilitate cognitive function, and coordinate motor movement.

Listening to music is not only good for Alzheimer’s patients, but also young people. This activity can reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s in the future.