Suicide cases are increasingly alarming, this can be seen from the many news spreads. Suicide is often associated with someone who is depressed. Then is that true? Depression does not always lead to suicidal ideation. There are several stages of depression that can be experienced until someone decides to end life by suicide. It even takes two weeks to three months for someone to choose to end his own life. For that matter, in fact, in that time the closest person can save the life of someone who is desperate. In that time, actually, we can see our closest people when there is a change that leads to depression as it was so happy to eat so no appetite, always sleep and confine themselves in the room or house. Or vice versa so eat solely, not sleep, even to not want to go anywhere. If you see friends, family, or spouses behaving like that, they may be depressed.

So when depression is not directly decided to commit suicide, but there are stages, if it’s two weeks, depression is heavy, just someone decided to commit suicide. As the closest person to see the characteristics of depression in family, friends, and spouses should give empathy and listen to the outpouring of his heart. That way, the depressed person will lower his negative emotions and discourage suicide. Should we listen to their feeling, ask what we can help, be a more open person listening to his complaints and always with him. Let us not judge and patronize them, for whatever advice we give them will not listen. However, if it is too long depression and we can not handle anymore. Then invite them to meet a psychologist to be given therapy or psychiatrist who will provide drugs.

The role of a psychologist or psychiatrist is not to make the patient dependent but to provide a positive mindset for the depressed person, then what to fix, in fact, the immediate environment that can help them first. Then what makes a person become depressed? Psychologists explain there is actually no factor that really causes depression. However, it usually occurs due to genetics, certain conditions that cause prolonged stress, minor problems not resolved until loss of appetite, excess sleep, daydreaming, until the loss of passion to not know what to do. That’s why we have to be more sensitive to the surrounding environment, in order to avoid suicide cases in people closest to us. Notice when someone breaks up, gets fired from the worker, divorce is there any traits they are exposed to depression.