The only way we can come to God with His purpose is if we completely throw away our old character through the death of the character of our flesh. Therefore we must fully accept that we are not worthy of anything other than the judgment of a just God.

There is only one way for you to be born into the Kingdom of God, through pure repentance. The new birth occurs only if you repent. For our character without God is evil! Ephesians 2: 3 says we are children worthy of God’s wrath. The verse has proved very well that God is real.

Sin must be dealt with properly. There is no way to escape sin! Sin is eternal death and can only be cleared by the cross of Jesus Christ. Therefore, surrender yourself completely to Jesus Christ. That is, giving your whole life, not just giving your heart but also your thoughts, wills, emotions, feelings. Regardless of that, the following marks as evidence of someone are being truly saved!

1. The fruit of salvation (Mt 7:20)
From the fruit you will be known; whether you are producing the fruit of repentance or not.

2. There is a great longing to Stop sinning
1 John 3: 9 says God gives His seed. Nothing is born of God who sins on purpose. For you to confess sin as God sees sin, you need to seek God with all your heart.

3. New man will be real in your daily life (2 Cor 5:17)
The seed of God is powerful. But the seed can become passive if your life is dominated by the flesh.

4. Love towards the brothers of faith (1 John 3:14)
Love means a relationship that does not control, is not based on fear, does not manipulate or hate others.

5. The Spirit of God testifies with your spirit that you are the children of God (Romans 8:16)
The proof that you are a child of God is when you behave like your Father.