At this time the era of wearable devices has begun, technology has made an innovative product with smart glasses that can combine creativity with technology and can be applied in everyday life, such as Google, for example, by innovatively making smart glasses named Google Glass or Apple has prepared a watch in the form of a bracelet and is named Apple Watch. Other companies are also no less innovative, such as Samsung, LG, Motorola to present their smartwatch products. In addition to glasses and smart watches, some manufacturers have also presented smart bracelet devices called heart rate watch monitors. Another variant of this wearable device is widely used for those who are actively exercising. So what are the functions and advantages of heart rate watch monitors?

Compared to glasses and watches that do have special functions, the heart rate monitor watches the only function as a sender of information to the smartphone. This device will read user activities for the next heart rate monitor watches will be able to send heart rate or number and read the user’s calories to a smartphone device. There is also a heart rate watch monitor that looks different because this bracelet has a mini project module in it, then the heart rate monitor watches are able to display your smartphone screen from the projector module to the user’s skin surface.

Wristbands in the heart rate monitor watches are very attractive even though they were still in the form of prototype and in addition to providing a futuristic touch, this device has other functions than just delivering notifications. Even on the other hand, the heart rate monitor watches can display all the content on the smartphone screen and display it on the surface of the user’s skin. At first glance, this form of heart rate monitor watches has a shape similar to other bracelets in general. But behind the bandage of colorful bracelets in it, there is a pico projector module, eight motion sensors, and accelerometer sensors as well as a vibration function that makes the bracelet look magical and can have a luxurious effect for anyone who sees it.