Alopecia or baldness generally occurs in men. However, current baldness can also be experienced by women of all ages. The cause of hair loss naturally is the rupture of the hormone testosterone which then forms dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Dihydrotestosterone is then attacked follicles that cause the hair becomes brittle and easy to fall out. If not treated immediately, then DHT in the long term causes the hair becomes thinner and eventually a person experiencing baldness permanently. That’s why many companies make hair loss cure to reduce hair loss.

Along with the age of baldness is something natural. However, if signs of baldness have started to appear at a young age, then there are some methods of prevention so that baldness symptoms can be prevented and even cured, including:

– Consumption of healthy foods
So that the hair is not dull, dry and easy to fall out not only treatment is done from the outside, but also from the inside through eating healthy food. Several types of foods that are believed to prevent baldness include celery, fish, hazelnut, aloe vera, green tea, yogurt, avocados, essential oils, and garlic.

– Be careful when choosing hair care products
Today there are many companies using active chemicals in their hair care products. As a consumer, you are certainly asked to always be careful when you want to buy one of them. Do not be easily fooled by advertisements, prices are skewed and massive discounts are offered. In order not to regret, you should use only hair care products that really proved able to maintain health and manufactured by a trusted company.

– Avoid the causes of stress
Hair loss can also be caused by tension due to stress and sufferers mostly experienced by men. Setting a healthy lifestyle such as sleeping on time, not staying up, not consuming alcohol can improve while keeping your hair healthy.

– Utilizing herbs
Some types of herbs that can be used to prevent hair loss, including aloe vera, candlenut oil, apple skin, coconut milk, egg yolks, olive oil and coconut oil.