RPG games are a type of game that offers exciting plots with qualified graphics. In this game, you will act like a certain character. Fun, you are free to develop and hone your skills. Generally, RPG games are played in groups. That is why teamwork is needed to complete the mission and achieve victory. This game is also played more online, but there are a number of offline RPG games that can be played through an Android smartphone. That way, you are free to play it at any time. For those of you fans of RPG games, be sure to download the row of games below. Meanwhile, check out this Android Games Website as well.

1. Israel

This game developed by developer Making Fun, Inc. has good 3D graphics with stunning sound effects. The plot is interesting and can be downloaded for free. Here, you will explore the forest, villages, and fight enemies, like zombies, aliens, skeletons, and other evil creatures.

2. Into The Dead 2

The game of fighting zombies developed by PIKPOK is quite challenging. You will act like a father who tries to save himself from a zombie attack. The toughest challenge is when you have to find a lost family.

3. Post night

The next RPG game that you can play offline is Post night. Here, you will act as a knight or postal worker. The task you are carrying is quite dangerous. You must increase your abilities and weapons to defeat the enemy.

4. Inotia 4

The game developed by Com2uS is very exciting to play. Even though it seems simple, every character has its own unique abilities. Fun, this game can be downloaded for free on the Google Play Store.

5. Oceania

In this offline RPG game, you will act as a hero who carries the mission of finding a lost father. You don’t have any clues except mysterious notebooks and necklaces. Feel the excitement while exploring the island, find treasures, and fight evil monsters.

6 The Last Viking

The next game that is no less exciting to play is The Last Viking. Here you will act as a hero whose duty is to save the earth from the hands of the knights of hell. There are seven characters that you can choose, each character has different abilities.