Today We get a heavy task that is cleaning the frames and wooden doors are patterned. Natural and have not been cleaned for a long time. Moreover, frames and doors are fungi that have been long in there and the spots have blackened (no longer white patches, because too long exposed to damp and mold). We have tried to clean in the way we have explained in Tips Cleaning Fungus Pockets on Wood Wall The result is clean and maximal, but the coating layer (coating) has been dull and uneven due to the fungus that has been there for long. Clients do not want to know, the important result should be maximal and almost like new. Meanwhile, you may go to and find out more about the excellent tools to make your wood surface smooth.

We had time to think if our re-coating takes a bit longer and the cost is quite expensive. In Finally we re-coating the coating layer with Woods teeing Coating and Finally, the result is very satisfying As new again. for that we share Tips With you who have frames and wooden doors are patterned Natural and its coating layer has been dull and not cling again.

Equipment needed

Goodstein Mowilek Clear Finish mat, if you prefer other dark colors there are many choices of natural wood color (acacia, mahogany, teak etc.)
2dim brush
patchwork/fabric major fine, dry and clean
small plastic container
400cc fine sandpaper more

Work steps

Clean the jamb and wooden door like the way we have explained in Tips Cleaning Fungus Spots on Wooden Wall without having to spray the chemical and dry.

Rub the surface of the frame and wooden door slowly and evenly (smoothly) and wipe with a cloth
Prepare Woodsteein in a plastic container (if necessary pure let me quick and good results), if you want more efficient can be added clean water a little.

satisfied evenly and in the same direction with wood fiber
Flatten premises prematurely before drying (after shake you can instantly flatten with major) in the direction of the wood fiber.

Wait until dry, if you want the maximum results you can repeat again.

Prove the result, with low cost, easy workmanship, and maximum results.