Before choosing virtual data room solution, you may wonder to know what data center is. The Internet is a very crucial interest because it can be used for various activities and daily activities. Starting from communication, entertainment, and social media, and can also be related to business and company for the purpose of sending email, tracking customer and sales, preparing and applying product marketing, even for payment through internet banking.

Many factors are needed for the internet to run smoothly to be utilized for various functions and purposes. The Internet requires a server connected to the data center. A data center is a medium where the server storage and hosting web server is located. This data center is a ‘home’ for all data connected to the server. This data center is very secure and must be safe because it is tasked to protect the data and all kinds of information from various server hosting.

Building data center has several important criteria, one of which is the temperature of the room. Servers in the data center generate hot temperatures continuously. So this should be taken seriously. The data center room temperature should not reach very high thermal temperatures because it can cause the server to die and vice versa if the temperature becomes damp, the server may be exposed to the risk of zero burning. Therefore the room temperature is very important for a data center building.

Data Center can be defined as the place, building, or building that serves to store and operate the server. In addition to being a server, the data center also has other rooms intended to support the server to keep uptime and avoid the risks of other damage.

A data center is used for server storage media, management, and management, to the dissemination of data and information accessed through the Internet network. For such purposes, of course, the data center place must also be equipped with a computer network device that is also connected to the Internet network.