A lot of something unexpected or what we called as a miracle associated with Jesus. Therefore, with all the unity and authority of Jesus, we as his people must always remember and practice all the good things that Jesus once did. By regularly reading the Bible and going to church to pray, asking for forgiveness, and reflecting, we can always feel close to Jesus so we can feel the peace of life as well. To get a more peaceful soul then it would be better if we put pictures of Jesus in our homes so we can always feel the security and peace at home. Apart from that, here are several miracles that Jesus has!

1. A net full of fish
2. Relieves the storm
3. Expel the evil spirit of the possessed child
4. Healing the mute and blind 5. Expelling evil spirits (Matthew 9: 32-34)
6. Healing the lepers
7 Healing 10 lepers
8. Cursing the fig tree
9. To expel the evil spirit of someone in the synagogue
10. Healing Siro Phoenician daughters
11 Feeding 5000 people
12 Feeding 4000 people
13 Heals the deaf-mute
14 Healing the blind
15 Casting evil spirits in Gerasa
16. Heal the paralyzed man
17 Heal the sick man with water
18. Heal the paralyzed
19. Heal women who are a backache because of evil spirits
20. Heal women who are sick with bleeding
21. Heals Bartimaeus’s eyes
22. Heal the children of court employees
23. Heal the ear cut by the sword
24. Healing in Bethesda
25. Heals two blind people
26. Heal Peter’s mother-in-law
27. Heal the blind in Bethsaida
28. Heal the servants of Roman officers
29. Money from fish’s mouth
30. Raised the son of Jairus
31. Raise Lazarus
32. Raise the son of a widow
33. A miracle when students fish
34. Turn water into wine
35. Walking on the water