An artwork in the bathroom? Now it is slowly becoming common, especially in urban dwellings. The artwork is not only to be enjoyed in a common room, such as a guest room or family room. But, it can be applied in a more private space, like a bathroom. In addition to beautifying your bathroom, with any painting you can also soothe your fatigue life due to work at the office. Well, one of the beautiful painting and also able to soothe your soul is christian wall art. You can directly visit his website at to get more information about wall art. Besides, Christian wall art is also put the life quotes on the painting in order to make you keep on the spirit.

Therefore, here are some tips on applying your bathroom with an artwork!

Do not be careless
Do not carelessly choose the artwork you will put on the wall. You could be a very creative person but also think about the temperature and humidity in the bathroom. You certainly do not want your artwork slowly damaged because of damp, right?

Choose bold colors and prints
An artwork in the form of painting from watercolor, poster paint, and oil paint is not recommended for the bathroom. You’d better install framed artwork or glass-framed lithographs to add a more vivid sense of classy and vibration.

Keep away from water sources
Very reasonable! Do not let the artwork you put on the wall with splashes or water seepage. For that, keep away from the lavatory and shower area. Better if you put it in the dry bathroom area.

Show personal artwork
You love to make doodles, drawings or sketches? You can sketch these art objects and display them on the bathroom wall. So does your own paintings. It will be much more memorable because of the personal connection between you and your work.