Surely everyone wants to be able to taste good food and delicious dishes made from different types and variety of foodstuffs. All of us would want to be able to enjoy different kinds of food taste different from all over the world. There are even some people who are willing to spend enough money to go on holiday abroad in order to taste typical foods from other countries.

Currently, there are San Jose corporate catering that can provide an international catering menu without you having to go to the country of origin. With this convenience, nothing else can keep you from being able to enjoy food from other countries.

Food from Different Country
There are many types and variations of food in the world that are made with special and unique tastes and recipes from a particular place or country. But here are 4 types of foods that are best known. Let’s discuss them one by one.

– Italian cuisine
Italian food and cuisine are one of the best known of all types of food available, even this food is very acceptable. We can see that many cafes and restaurants in Jakarta or other major cities provide Italian food. Italian cuisine is made using the finest ingredients to be liked by many. Pasta and Pizza is one of Italy’s most favored foods because of its good taste and fast presentation. Even many catering companies that already have a catering menu such as spaghetti and lasagna on the menu list.

– French cuisine
French food is also one of the most famous and highly favored by many people. We all know that French people love to eat, can Rita see in Paris alone there are more dad 5000 restaurants. French food is usually about cheese, bread, and wine.

– Chinese cuisine
It seems familiar to see the menu catering Chinese food at many parties and celebration. Many people dad the whole world really enjoy eating rice and noodles cooked in Chinese style. Chinese food usually contains complete composition such as fiber (carbs), vegetables and meat.

– Thai cuisine
Thai food has a balanced composition of taste between bitter, spicy, sour, and sweet. Thai cuisine has special and unique flavor, thick with herbs and spices such as lemon juice, orange leaves, and other fresh ingredients. Thai cuisine also contains many very strong curries and flavors. If you want to try a new menu on your catering menu, it looks like Thai food is a good choice to try.