There are several things you can do to prevent the occurrence of damaged goods and if it turns out you also know what rights you can get as a freight forwarder. Meanwhile, perhaps you need to check out the excellent breeze eastern cargo hook to ensure the safety of your merchandises.

Recognize the terms and conditions of the shipping company.

There is very little information you can get online about how shipping companies should act. You’ll find it easier to find online shipping rates than what happens if your goods are damaged/lost. There is no harm in asking back some provisions of the company in the delivery of goods such as SOP or Standard Operational Procedure you want to know directly to the trusted shipping company near you.

Use extra protection

If your goods are in the form of fashion products such as clothes, pants, shoes, hijab, you may not have to worry about the damage during the shipment because of the durability of the product. But if you ship electronic products like HP, laptop, tablet, etc, then you need extra protection. If you have the original packaging, use the original packaging because it is usually already designed in such a way by the factory to maintain the security of goods in it. After that, you can request additional protection from shipping companies. This protection can be bubble wrap, styrofoam box, or wooden box.

Ensure your shipment.

Previously you must correctly inform the brand, value (price), and other details about your product. It’s good you do not wrap the first meeting items you will send with insurance because some shipping companies will see your goods right into the box.

Create clear policies with consumers.

Any delivery company is just a bridge between you and the consumer. It’s good you to prepare a kind of policy about what you do if it turns out items that arrive in the hands of consumers damaged or even never arrived alias lost. What kind of cases will you refund the money? What kind of cases will you change? What criteria of the item is defective or defective in production? The more detailed the provisions you make, the more you will be free with future customer relationship issues.