Itchy skin is certainly a very annoying thing and makes your skin have a rash. This is what really disrupts the appearance of one’s skin. Actually, there are several reasons why the skin becomes itchy and feels uncomfortable. Usually, because of insect bites or because of other things. However, now there are herbal ingredients that you can use to cure the itching. You can get it at

Our own skin usually has a condition where there is a disorder or allergic for some reason. Usually, if this happens, you may not scratch the itchy or allergic part. Below are a number of skin conditions that may not be scratched.

– Dry skin
One reason when itching occurs on the skin is when the outer skin layer is dry. However, scratching dry skin can cause cracks and open sores. This can also trigger a serious infection. Plus the hard material on beauty products can seep into the exposed skin area due to scratching. The best solution is to take a warm bath and then apply a moisturizing cream when the skin is still a little wet.

– Itching or pain due to insect bites
However the itchiness felt when bitten by an insect, it is still not recommended to be scratched. Because it can cause inflammation as well as bacteria that can enter the body when scratching the part that is bitten. You can overcome the itching due to insects by attaching cold compresses to the bitten area or by applying an anti-itch ointment.

– sunburned
Like most injuries, even sunburned skin can cause dry and itchy skin. The fix is ?to put a cold compress and apply aloe gel to relieve itching, then cortisone cream to relieve inflammation.

Instead of scratching, it would be better if you find the right medicine for the skin disorder that you suffer from.