At present, all workers will indeed do what they think is good for them. Many workers are finally following fackförbund to be able to get a better future and even more profits. As a worker, indeed you have to get all the written rights and obligations of the company to give them to you. So, if there is a union, it will help you get these things.


Actually, many people do not know what are the benefits of being a member of a union. In fact, there are several benefits from being a member of a union. Some of the benefits referred to here are

1. Establish communication between workers who in fact have similar interests and equal rights
That way, fellow workers will feel the same vision and mission and will work together to get their rights. Workers in unions will not be alone in facing various interests because there are others who will help them. They will also know what rights they should get.

2. Obtain advocacy or defense from problems that harm workers if the employer or leader takes actions that are not in accordance with the rules of employment set out in the Act.
Someone who joins the union will be accompanied and at least have many people who will support him if something goes wrong that happens because of the company.

3. Move together to fight for the interests or rights of workers. Where the conditions are very different if the struggle for rights is done individually by doing it together.
With many people in the union, many voices will be heard. Usually, if only one person who speaks will not be heard and will go through a slow process, then the existence of a union will help you in getting a lot of support and can fight together.