Protecting your account from all types of crimes that can occur on the internet is indeed something you have to do. Many people feel insecure because their account has been hacked by some people who really want to benefit from it. hence, the presence of multi factor authentication will be needed and will help you secure your account .

In addition, you also don’t need to lose personal data because the multiple security that you use has been able to protect all of your personal data on the internet. Below are some tips that you can use as an online protection measure. Some of the tips in question are

– Be careful on social media: Don’t click on links in suspicious emails or social media messages, especially from unknown sources. Fraudsters know people are more likely to click on links from their friends, so they steal accounts to send dangerous links to the account owner’s contacts.

– Know what you are sharing: You have to know what you are sharing and downloading. Make sure you know all the details about the applications that you install. It will make you feel save about what you installed.

– Use a secure password: This is most emphasized. Use a secure and unique password for your account and device, and update the password periodically – ideally every three months. Never use the same password for many accounts because hackers can enter all your accounts using that password.

– Familiarize yourself with the right office procedures: Question each e-mail requesting unusual or not normal procedures. In fact, don’t reply to emails that look suspicious. Get the return address from the company address book and ask about the message.

Always keep your account on the internet in the right way so that your personal information is not known to anyone.