If you currently plan to create a website for your company, hosting mexico  then the first thing you should consider is web hosting. You should really pay attention to good and reliable web hosting such as mexico hosting for your website to run more effectively. In addition, you also have to ask other things to your web hosting. Here’s the review!

1. Disk Space
Basically, the hosting is to store the data on your website (images, content, etc.). Everything on your website is stored in your hosting. For that, do not underestimate the disk space on the hosting service that you want to order.

If for example you do not think of disk space on the hosting that will accommodate your website and your data exceeds the maximum storage capacity, then the data on your website cannot be saved or your website can be down and inaccessible.

Disk space is very important for your website. Sometimes, many hosting providers provide disk space with unlimited capacity. As great as any computer specs, surely its disk space is not unlimited (either someday it may be unlimited). So, I need to straighten out the unlimited disk space. It’s actually not unlimited.

However, one server storage space is used free to its users and when the storage capacity is already exhausted, then the hosting service provider will add a new disk again to one server computer. So, do not be fooled by the word unlimited storage (unlimited storage).

2. Add-On Domain
If you use a hosting service that has an add-on domain feature, you can upload / online your website on hosting that you have pre-ordered.

In essence, an add-on domain is a feature that lets you use 1 hosting for multiple domains. So, you do not have to hire hosting again to place your new website. You can use the same hosting. However, the risk is considerable.

If one of your websites is exposed to malware, then the other website will also be affected by malware or if one of the websites make the high load on the server, then other websites will have problems.

My advice, you better use 1 hosting for 1 domain only if you want your website more stable and not easy down.