Are you selling another house or property? Already a lot of prospective buyers are looking around, but haven’t sold well? Maybe the prospective buyer can get a bad impression when they visit your property. Therefore, the house or property that you want to sell is always in good condition. While it is right that you can take advantage of Lead Generation For Real Estate, you must also know how to impress the potential buyers with these following tips.


Clean Property

Before the appointment meet with prospective buyers, clean the yard, terrace, or floor in the house to make it look clean and neat. The good impression in the eyes of prospective buyers, homes or your property is well maintained. Make sure there is no broken window glass. Also check in case there are insects or pests that nest in door frames and windows and ceilings.

Furniture must be in good condition

If you sell your property and furniture, make sure the condition of the furniture is in good condition. Sofas, tables, chairs, kitchen cabinets, shelves, and drawers, all in a clean and tidy condition. If available Air Conditioner (AC) and other electronic equipment, make sure it also functions properly. Repair if the equipment is damaged, or replace it with a new one if needed. If not, don’t show it to prospective buyers.


It is strongly recommended to repaint the property that you are selling. In addition to removing the dull impression, you can also cover holes or defects on the wall, or on the ceiling. Make sure the door, lock and fence are all repainted if they appear dull.

Create All Enough Light Rooms

If there is a room in a house that lacks light, potential buyers may not be interested. So, prepare enough lighting in all rooms of the house before prospective buyers visit. Including regulating sunlight, opening curtains and windows, and turning on the lights. A good lighting effect can sometimes be obtained from repainting the walls of the room.