The first thing to pay attention to is the physicality. Make sure there are no scratches on the screen and the back cover is not easily separated. Also, make sure the battery inside is still sealed and there are no physical defects such as cracks and so on. In addition, also pay attention to the porthole around the smartphone and make sure there is no color change on the plate. The reason is that the discoloration of the slab is usually caused by too often being exposed to water. In the meantime, you may also want to check out and Buy Australian Refurbished Phones.

Because almost all smartphones are now equipped with a camera, then make sure there are no scratches on the lens because this will affect the quality of the photo. Finally, make sure that in all parts of the smartphone there are no cracks or other indications that are usually caused because the smartphone has been dropped.

The next thing that is very important is to make sure that the smartphone you want to buy is not a stolen product. The reason is, you could be approached by the police if the used smartphone was reported by the owner because it was very easy for the authorities to track it. Besides that, it could be that the previous owner blocked the smartphone after you bought it so you can’t use it at all.

So how do you find out the stolen smartphone or not? Simply ask the IMEI, ESN, or MEID number from the smartphone to the seller. After that, you can first check the numbers on several sites that provide the number checking service. You can easily find the site by searching with keywords ‘IMEI check‘ or N ESN check ‘. In addition, you can also check the complete information of the smartphone on the CheckMEND site by paying 2.99.

Then, buy a used smartphone that suits your needs. Yes, if you like watching videos and browsing the internet, then buy a smartphone that has a large screen. But if you like shooting, then buy a smartphone with good camera quality.