Some users might still be wondering what SEO is and what the basic concept is. This article will review what SEO is (Search Engine Optimization) and what the basic concepts are. Because, when talking about search engines, SEO is important to discuss.

Through local seo expert, your website will be seen by more people. So, it has a better chance to visit a larger audience. Later, you can convert the number of visitors as a source of income. This way, being ranked first automatically promises extraordinary profits for your website. Interestingly, this SEO science is not exclusive to the “master” only. Everything you can learn and develop yourself. Beginners can also start learning!

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is an effort to get the best ranking on search engines in order to get visits on the website by paying attention to certain factors according to the search engine Algorithm.

Since the beginning of internet search engines was created, search engine optimization techniques have actually been known. There are many versions of the question about the birth of SEO for the first time. According to Search Engine Land, SEO is estimated to be born around 1991. That is, until when this article was written, the science of learning SEO blogs had been around for 27 years – even before Google was born!

The 1990s became the first milestone to skyrocket search engine popularity. At that time the number of internet users had not been as much as now, but it had increased considerably compared to the previous decade. The internet is a very broad world. The information content shared is arguably countless. Without a search tool, it’s impossible for us to find information easily.

This is the main reason that users need a search engine. There are two basic functions of SEO: (1) indexing documents on the www network; and (2) provide answers based on queries. The search results that appear are indeed adjusted to the query or keyword entered. So, in principle, users will get what they are looking for on a search results page based on this keyword.

The problem that then arises is the quality of the information displayed. Search engines do display information or documents with the desired keywords. However, this is not balanced with a good level of relevance and quality of information.