Stomach cramps, bloating, headache, nausea. Sounds familiar? You are not alone. Many women suffer from severe menstrual pain (known as dysmenorrhea) followed by a sharp sensation of piercing, throbbing, heat, or cramping in the lower abdomen and back. No matter how much you want to just curl up under a blanket for your favorite TV series marathon and spend a box of sweet chocolate cheesecake, we all know very well that a number of these things do not really get rid of the suffering of PMS. But, there is one small trick that might give you relief from stomach cramps, bloating, and other PMS symptoms: yoga at Yoga Southgate.


How can yoga overcome menstrual pain?
Uterine contractions cause a lot of pain during the menstrual cycle because the tightened uterus will prevent blood from flowing smoothly to the uterine wall. The result is stomach cramps, back pain, and familiar foot aches during the seconds before menstruation. Ironically, stomach cramps that make us reluctant to do a lot of physical activity can actually worsen if you lack movement.

Yoga, a proven physical, mental, and holistic technique, can reduce the severity of abdominal cramps due to PMS that weakens many women. Yoga poses can relieve certain pain by stretching the hips and joints and reducing emotional stress that can make the muscles tense and tighten.

Yoga movements that can relieve cramps due to PMS include:

1. Reclining Twist

Reclining twist is a relaxing way to increase the flexibility of the side-to-side spine, which can relieve abdominal and lower back pain.

2. Wide Child’s Pose

This pose lengthens the lower back and opens the hips while the knees are wide apart and the abdomen is relaxed between them. This stretch will reduce any hip pain, and help improve or maintain the hip’s health. This pose will trigger a feeling of relaxation and calmness.