By using individual speakers you can design your own speakers that you will use. In this article, we will share with you the types of individual speakers. On the other hand, if you look for a speaker which suits your bath time, just check out how to find the best shower speakers.

Here are the speakers that you must know:

Floor Speaker

The floor speaker has speakers that are loud enough at the top on the left and right sides. With the ability that is quite hard, this type of speaker can get an extra realistic sound. You may prefer to choose a floor speaker when you use it often to see television and movies. Some floor speakers with stereo capabilities are also good for listening to music.

Bookshelf Speaker

Almost the same as the floor speaker, the bookshelf speaker usually also offers a small bass response but has a fairly strong treble. With a fairly small model, the bookshelf speaker does not need a large space. This type of speaker usually has an accessory that allows this speaker to be set up in a stand. You can also set it as an additional speaker to expand the sound of your speakers.

Surround speaker

This surround speaker type is usually used as an additional one because this type of speaker does not have strong bass and treble. You can use it as an addition to your home theater to further strengthen and clarify the existing voice. Surround speakers can deliver sound that is more ambient, so it will offer clearer and louder sound, especially when you play video games or watch movies. This type of speaker is very suitable in conjunction with the bookshelf type speaker.


This type of speaker is capable of offering bass sound effects that are quite realistic. This makes the subwoofer as a speaker that is suitable for use for those who like to listen to music. Subwoofer users can also place these speakers in any place, but still, have to consider the comfort of the sound that will be produced. The more you place the subwoofer in the corner of the room, the clearer and harder the bass sound effect will be.